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3 Easy & Natural Home Gardening Tips

If you have been secretly envying your neighbours’ home garden and are wondering what makes their basil greener than yours, these easy and natural home gardening tips are a must-read for you.

soil enriched

Keep the soil enriched

Instead of using synthetic fertilizers, keep your soil enriched with natural and organic fertilizer. There are many natural ways to make fertilizer at home, but this one is the simplest of all.

What’s more, this home-made fertilizer is rich in calcium, sulphur, magnesium, potassium and phosphates! Wondering what is it?

It is banana peel, easily found in every home. The best way to improve your soil’s quality is to cut up the peel in really small pieces and put them in the soil. Once your banana peel starts disintegrating, you will start seeing results soon.

Keep the bugs away

Do away with artificial pesticides with chemicals and make an insect-repellant with kitchen ingredients. It is incredibly simple to make this spray and you can find everything right at home.

All you need is garlic, cloves, mint leaves and cayenne pepper, i.e. the red chili powder. All these can be easily found in your kitchen. Also you will need a spoonful of biodegradable dishwasher; if your dishwasher isn’t biodegradable, you can also order one online.

Now add 2 whole garlic, 3 cups of mint (leaves and stems) to a food processor and turn them to a paste. Now add the paste to 12 cups water and the chili powder.

Bring the mixture to boil and then leave it overnight. Strain the liquid next morning and add the dishwasher liquid. Test it on one part of the plant to see how the spray works for your plants.

Keep the bugs away
soil less acidic

Keep soil less acidic

Adding coffee grounds to soil can reduce the acid content in soil. Coffee grounds are pH neutral and hence help in maintaining the pH balance of soil. Also they are an excellent source of nitrogen.

Last but not the least, call the specialist once in a while
We do a great injustice to gardeners but they are like doctors in many ways. Both work miracle with their hands, both can give life and both know the importance of health, be it our health or our little green friends’ health, but sadly one gets more credit than the other.

With global warming becoming a real threat, we can easily envisage a future where gardeners will become as important as doctors. At DSKDL, we have always placed high importance on eco-friendly development because we understand this threat is real.