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5 Incredible Pins for Home Decor

Since the last few years, we as a nation have become more social, not literally but metaphorically. From Whatsapp forwards to Facebook likes, from Candy Crush requests to Alia Bhatt jokes, we have united as a nation to laugh, smile and enjoy various jokes, information and knowledge that comes our way.

However, a lot of us haven’t been very active o Pinterest, especially neglecting some really awesome and pretty ideas for everything from home decor to DIY crafts. Where Whatsapp is good for getting in touch with friends and relatives, Facebook and Twitter are good for keeping up with trends and Pinterest is good for getting in touch with your inner creative self.

So without further ado, let’s find out about the five best home decor pins / boards to follow on Pinterest so you can unleash your creativity.

There are a number of things lying around in your home that you neither feel like throwing away nor you know what to do with them. This incredible board will give you fantastic Do-It-Yourself ideas that will help you to give a creative look to your home decor. From creating beautiful candle holders from old glass jars to lunchbox hacks, you will never run out of being a super mom or super dad with these tips.

Are you one of those people who regularly gets asked from where did you get this or how did you make that? Creatively-inclined people are excellent at identifying the best home decor stuff from various places. From a nifty jar bought at hand loom fair to an abstract Egyptian pharaoh painting, these people know how to make their home shine. Well this board is not for those people. It is for the second kind of people who don’t know where to buy such creative stuff from or how to have an eye for it.

Do you know those old keys lying around can make an excellent wind chime? Or those old ghee and oil tins can make for pretty organizers? And your old car tires can be used in 9 ways to make your little garden area amazing. From party decorations to easy craft ideas, this board is a storehouse of information on all the pretty things you can make from objects lying around at home.

If you are a nature lover and love gardening, it would be surprising if you haven’t come across this super awesome gardening Pinterest board before. Over a thousand people regularly share pins on these boards and from gardening tips to advice about your flowers and plants through to informative articles on honey bee stings, there are a lot of things to like on this board.

Managed by a single person, this board has over 750 ideas to decorate and beautify your bedroom. But enough said – you have to see it to believe its awesomeness!