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DSK Dream City, The Future is here….


Ever since PM Modi announced his intentions of building smart cities in India, there has been much excitement in the country. The blueprints of the structure of a smart city are being readied, but wait, it will take at least a few years before we see this dream come to fruition. However, there is one real estate company that is building a smart city within India’s top 20 cities that are slated to be amongst the smart cities first, in Pune.

DSK Dream City is an ambitious project that is destined to establish the first smart city in India. Wondering how?

To understand that, we need to first look at what a smart city actually means. Smart city is a city that fulfils all the basic infrastructure, communication and growth needs of an individual of every age and gender.

Let’s take a look at how DSK Dream City is going to do that.

1) Roads: DSK Dream city not only has world-class roads but beautiful structures like promenades, island plazas, etc.

2) Economic growth: It facilitates economic or business growth with a state-of-the-art IT Park, convention centers and country clubs which will help you take your business to new heights.

3) Water supply: It has a well-planned water supply structure which is laid under the ground so as to source ground water. Plus, it has all the basic water supply facilities like water recycling and rainwater harvesting.

4) Electric supply: Who thought that a township will have its own electricity generation plant solar powered ecofriendly street lights and so on. But it’s possible with DSK Dream City visionary planning.

5) Security: At DSK Dream City, debit and credit cards would be a thing of the past and what’s cash? You won’t have to carry cash with smart cards and hence never worry about being accosted. What’s more a fire station and police station right in the township means you can sleep soundly. Last but not the least, there are all sorts of technological equipments like CCTV etc. to ensure your security.

6) Clean environment: Sewage treatment and solid waste management ensure a clean environment.

7) Transport: There are many eco-friendly vehicles that run on electricity, making a DSK Dream city a pollution-free zone.

8) Education: The best schools and colleges to provide international education to children.

9) Sports: 9 sports academies and 36 sports with professional coaches and dedicated ground staff make DSK Dream City a dream come true for India’s future athletes.

10) Health and wellness: 14 theme gardens, a private island and gym ensure your health and wellness.