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Is your home eco friendly ? Make it now in 10 steps


Having eco-friendly home in a cost-effective manner sounds little difficult, however, it is not impossible either. There are many ways you can have an eco-friendly home without over spending on your home decoration and refurbishment budget.

Let’s look at some of these ways here:

1) Use only CFL and LEDs as they consume less electricity and are environmentally more friendly.

2) Use eco-friendly detergents and detergents that wash clothes at a cold temperature so you won’t have to heat water.

3) Insulate your storage room and overhead storage space ensuring there is no gap. They can drastically increase your electricity bill by overburdening your air conditioner.

4) Make sure you use diethyl phthalate and dibutyl free paint. These are known as volatile organic compounds and are associated with severe health hazards. Nowadays, almost all popular paint companies are offering low or zero-VOC options.

5) Today’s generation believes in scrapping and furniture every few years instead of refurbishing it. This is one of the biggest threats to our environment. Buying new furniture and refurbishing it might cost you the same but is a sure step in creating an eco-friendly home

6) Use bamboo furniture. Bamboo grows quickly which means it can be replenished quickly. On the other hand, teak wood takes 5-10 years to grow. If all of us shift to bamboo furniture, imagine how much it would contribute towards the conservation of our forests.

7) Keep as many plants and trees as possible. From home gardening to outdoor or patio gardening, make sure every available space in your house boasts of flowery, green bliss! Don’t be tempted to plant exotic plants. They can disturb your soil’s pH balance.

8) Use cool tiles or paints on the roof to bring down the heat of summers and ensure your top storey doesn’t heat up as much.

9) If you have the budget, use eco-friendly gadgets for home automation and solar-powered tools for energy conservation.

With these 9 tips, you will be having an eco-friendly home that you will be proud and happy about.