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Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

From petsagram to momsagram, Instagram selfies and pictures are making waves everywhere. People are naming their babies after Instagram filters. So we cannot deny the power of Instagram.If you find yourself clicking impromptu selfies at home while sipping hot cocoa or reading paper in the morning, you might want to make your home more Instagram-worthy. So here are a few tips to do that.

– Do something about that wall

Add a splash of color to your boring gray, pearl white and yellow walls. The new breed of Instagrammers prefers a dash of colors from shocking pink to mauve to electric green! We are not saying that you paint your whole room pink, but add color accents to some walls in the room. Apparently this is the most happening trend and your home will look as good as you in the pictures too.

– Do the artsy

If you don’t have some art pieces lying around, we suggest you do some shopping soon. A corner shelf or a chandelier will go a long way in making your home look more eclectic and artistic. Keep a table lamp or candle stand in a way that it adds ethereal light to your pictures.

Look how the fairy lights are adding to warmth and hue in this room? Also look at that lantern and candle stand on the table. Simple inexpensive additions can turn your boring room to swoon worthy like this one.

– Get Inspired

If you are out of ideas of how to make your home Insta-beautiful, head over to Etsy. You will find end number of ideas to give a bohemian touch to your home.