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Make Your Home Instagram-Worthy

From petsagram to momsagram, Instagram selfies and pictures are making waves everywhere. People are naming their babies after Instagram filters. So we cannot deny the power of Instagram.If you find yourself clicking impromptu selfies at home while sipping hot cocoa or reading paper in the morning, you might want to make your home more Instagram-worthy.
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Home Decor Inspiration from Buddhist Art & Culture

Home Decor Inspiration from Buddhist Art & Culture Buddhism has inspired some of the world’s best art and cultural forms. From enchanting Buddhist temples to serene statues of the Awakened One, we have been blessed with so many amazing tranquil and awe-inspiring art and cultural forms that it would be unfair if we didn’t bring
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3 Ways to Turn Your Home a Haven for Kids

3 Ways to Turn Your Home a Haven for Kids A good home is child-friendly, safe with equal dose of playfulness for the child to grow up confidently. From fixing railings in the window to finding furniture without sharp edges, we go to great lengths to ensure our children don’t meet with any untoward accidents
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3 Awesome Home Garden Ideas

A home with a garden is a home that breathes and comes alive Not everyone is inclined to have a garden and even if they are they do not always have ample space to satisfy their green wishes. However, with our home garden tips, you can surely make your home garden come alive and in
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Fabulous 2 and 3 BHK flats on Magarpatta road

DSK Vedant, a 2 and 3 BHK unique flat scheme on Magarpatta road is a cluster designed by none other than Mr. Naval Pagdiwalla and developed by the DSK Group. These 2 and 3 BHK flats at DSK Vedant on Magarpatta road are exquisitely planned residences that re-define spacious living. Every apartment is luxuriously spaced
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Lifestyle Projects in Hadapsar Pune are Pushing the Boundaries of Luxury

In Pune, the perception of luxurious living has changed thanks to DSK Dream City and visionary leadership of D.S. Kulkarni. DSK Dream City is not only a great futuristic project, but also a game changer in the property buying scenario. When we think about lifestyle projects in Pune, the first name that comes to our
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DSK Dream City – Everything is to the MAXIMUM here

Canadian boats to take you along a sparklingly clean 4.5km shimmering river right to your home. It has super-clean water using Chilean technology which you can drink. Grab a Hong Kong tram ride, and cruise through 6 lane velvety roads with the scent of abundant flora or just smart pedal on British bikes. Park your
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Nature Centric 1, 2 BHK Homes at Sinhagad Road, Pune

Every individual works and strives to lead a fulfilling life in their dream home. The 1, 2 BHK homes at Sinhagad Road, Pune offer you a blissful experience. Sinhagad Road in Pune has seen a huge increase in attention by real estate developers, as well as potential home buyers and investors. Sinhagad Road offers the
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How DSK Gandhakosh Imbibes the Spirit of Baner

The highlight of DSK Gandhakosh’s 2 BHK flats in Baner is that you get to enjoy the culture that Pune is famous for – the serenity of a green life coupled with the buzz of a city’s activities. Nature is woven into your every day at DSK Gandhakosh, with homes that enjoy the backdrop of
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Vaastu Flaws that are Common in Homes Today

Whenever you buy a home, you invest your future into it and so, there should be no space for any compromise. Therefore, while buying a house it is important to check whether it is free from all the Vaastu flaws. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which deals with the science of architecture, and tells
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