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Top 5 Home Automation Trends

Imagine a home that tells you someone has left the front door open or that it’s time for the doctor’s appointment…okay don’t imagine because now all this has become possible. True, we don’t have the next-level, sophisticated home automation system in our country but we are making progress by leaps and bounds. Several companies are already offering complete home automation kits that take care of everything from controlling television and music system to the AC and security system. But very soon we will see even more intuitive and smart homes with these home automation trends.


Energy Saving Homes

Energy management is one of the most burning issues at the moment. From water geysers to air conditioners, we are guzzling energy at an unprecedented rate. The new age home automation devices will help us keep tabs on our energy usage by turning up or down the heat through mobiles and tablets. Programmable thermostats will allow automatically adjust room temperature based on the number of people in the room or the activity happening in the room. That’s smart and efficient for you!

Wireless Power Controls

Home automation allows you to control electronic devices with the touch of your finger. For instance, you can install an automated sound system for playing music, lighting, security and pool/spa that could all be controlled with your mobile, touchpanels or remote controls.

Wireless Power Controls

Solar Smart

The next automation trend is leveraging solar technology. This home called the ELK Passive House has installed photovoltaic panels, which with the help of a miniserver, can convert the solar energy into electricity and run electronic appliances like the dishwasher, electric car and the hot water tank.

Automated Door Locks

Front door automation is much more than using electronic keys and swipe cards. With smart front door automation, the server will turn on corridor lights when it is dark. If you are arms are full, you can even command your phone to open the door. If you left home in a hurry and forgot to shut the windows, you can lock them too using your phone.

Automated Door Locks
Advanced Security Systems

Advanced Security Systems

Forget password and alarms, the new-gen security systems will tell you when your kids are home, if someone switched on the TV or opened the refrigerator. With this advanced security system, you will never worry again what your kids are up to while you are away working!

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