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What It Means to Live in A Truly Integrated Township?


A truly integrated township is one that doesn’t rely for anything that comes from outside the township. Let’s take DSK Dream City for example.

DSK Dream City offers a well-networked water structure that raises so much water from below the ground that it can suffice the needs of its residents. Plus it has rain water harvesting and water recycling facilities.
DSK Dream City offers various conveyance options such as Canadian boats on its sparkling 4.5 km man made river, trams, buses etc. so you don’t need to rely on other transport facilities.

What’s more, all residents will have smart cards, so no matter what they want to buy, they can do so using the smart card, no need to carry cash at all! This will apply to water and electricity bills, smart British bikes, tram and boat rides and what not!

As for security, it has a 3-tier security approach that includes strategic placement of CCTV cameras, security guards and a police station within the campus.

It also offers amenities like IT Park, gardens, etc. but all these are not just some buildings raised here and there. They are carefully planned structures of excellence that will offer world-class facilities so you can ensure growth in every aspect of life.

It encompasses architectural marvels, technological advancements, all-round development needs and beauty and peace that every human needs to ensure a life well lived!