DSK Aanandghan is your emotional escape to serenity. Soothe yourself each moment in the enchanting mystical ambiance. A home where you are welcomed by a sparkling water cascade that turns the natural air-conditioning on. A home where you are greeted by the bells tolling in the Hemadpanthi Ganesh Temple. A home where your senses are rejuvenated with the angelic sound of chirping birds from the exotic bird park. That home is DSK Aanandghan, where you celebrate your life.

This is your chance to embrace nature and privilege yourself with content living. DSK Aanandghan caters to your minutest needs and offers you with a truly blissful living experience. It is a heavenly destination where you and your loved ones relish the tranquil essence of life, each moment.

Nestled at Sinhagad Road within DSK Vishwa, a universe in itself, DSK Aanandghan offers an assortment of exciting elements required to create an elegant life. Sheltered in the tranquil surroundings of nature, DSK Aanandghan gives access to blissful living, which is far away from the hectic and crowded limits of the city. Here, you and your family will enter the world of your dreams, where the beauty of life cannot just be seen, but also experienced. Please click on the know more tab for more details.