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DSK Gandhakosh Customer Meet 20th April 2013

‘DSK Sir truly believes that “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers”. So for the first time he initiated the concept of “Customer Meet” for company’s different Projects.

Customer meet is the gathering of esteem customers and the officials of the company. Customer Meet is an open Forum where Customer interacts with Management. First-ofall, Management gives brief about project, its specification, amenities, etc. is given to customer. Up to mark specifications are used according to current market trends. No compromise done in quality of work.

Later, each and every customer introduces himself. This activity helps to know the neighbors, the family and ultimately the community which will reside together. Also, Mockup flat is also shown to the customers. It is an actual product which has been committed at the time of “Bhoomipujan” of that project. This increases trust and faith amongst the customer that Company always fulfills the commitment given. Also customer is able to see the construction quality, the systematic working procedure, material used, etc. which in turn molds into a quality product. Queries of the clients are resolved by the management. If client want some extra work in the flat, said department is present to assist them. Tips for Society formation, its maintenance are also shared.

In this way in healthy and pure atmosphere customer interacts with the management. The goal as a company is achieved which is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.’


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