Appreciation by Mr. Rajeev Kulkarni, satisfied resident of DSK Vishwa

DSK Vishwa – Greenery in rainy season.
Precious gate with green beauty.

Mr. Rajeev Kulkarni
DSK Vishwa

Appreciation by Mrs Deepaa Anandh, satisfied resident of DSK Project

We would like to express our thanks for your co-operation and planning. .

Without the same it would have been really difficult for us to complete the formality of agreement and our other important work in a single day.

Please convey our thanks to Mr. Ganesh also.

Mrs Deepaa Anandh
Instructor for German Language

Appreciation by Sandeep Utekar, satisfied resident of DSK Gandhkosh

I would like to thank both of you for the cooperation/ guidance given to me while speeding up the required proceedings for booking a flat in “Gandhkosh”.

I should specifically mention about your quick response to all the querries raised by me. While interacting with you all, I never felt that I am discussing with an outsider & you were never been pushy in making me agreeing to your thoughts. On the contrary, you have always repeatedly checked with me to ratify on the decisions that I have taken.

Let me confess that these were the reasons due to which I have decided to finalise the property with DSK.

DSK is lucky to have employees like you all. All the Best.

Sandeep Utekar
DSK Gandhkosh

Appreciation by Hemantkumar Khandekar, satisfied resident of DSK Vishwa

This is regarding the “Customer Meet” held on Sunday 5th May 2013. I am feeling so proud to become a member of DSK Vishwa.

This type of meeting concept is really appreciable!! Such a concept is no where and I am proud to say that this will create a transparency between us. I also take this opportunity to say how impressed I have been by the standard of work carried out on the property.!!

I would also like to thank Mr. Raj Mirajkar who gave me accurate estimates for any additional work required.

Hoping for a wonderful future…

Hemantkumar Khandekar
DSK Vishwa

Appreciation by Amol Kulkarni, satisfied resident of Meghmalhar-Phase II

Would like to express our sincere thanks for the help and support received from all the involved DSK team members during the registration process for Flat GH-201 and GH-204 at Meghmalhar-Phase II.

Would like to express gratitude for your kind help during the POA execution for my brother Ashish who is in USA and helping everything possible to ensure the registration completed as planned.

Special thanks to Mr. Darshan and Mr. Sanjay Chavan for all the help. Appreciate support from Mr. Darshan during initial site visits and initial procedures, providing all the details etc was very helpful and then complete support received from Mr. Sanjay Chavan till the registration process was really good. In fact we (Ashwini and me) are in Bangalore and my brother Ashish is in USA, but just over phone and emails, most of the things were sorted out remotely. This is really great! Thanks again and looking forward for the similar support for all the next procedures.

Amol Kulkarni
DSK Meghmalhar-Phase II

Appreciation by Mr. Prasad Tasgaonkar, satisfied resident of DSK Vidyanagari

DSK group is a technically sound group with Social commitments, quality products. Its a group with a hunger to reach on top with 100 % satisfaction of customers.

Every employee @ DSK is very homely, caring & technically sound with a capacity to convey, to deliver & to satisfy each customer.

As a proud owner of my Flat @ DSK VidyaNagari, I hereby express my happiness & Joy to be with this group. I do consider myself lucky to be part of DSK family.

Mr. Prasad Tasgaonkar
DSK Vidyanagari

Appreciation by Mr. Niranjan Supekar, satisfied resident of DSK Kunjaban

Satisfied with the quality of construction. Hope to look forward with DSK.

Mr. Niranjan Supekar
DSK Kunjaban

Appreciation by Mr. Rangwal Manoj K, satisfied resident of DSK Vishwa

Environment, site and service is excellent.

Mr. Rangwal Manoj K
DSK Vishwa

Appreciation by Mr. Pyarelal Choudhary, satisfied resident of DSK Vishwa

Absolute Heaven. Beautiful landscape. Could see our future here. Quite a forest here in concrete jungle. Excellent Work!!!

Mr. Pyarelal Choudhary
DSK Vishwa

Appreciation by Ms. Deepika Kumar, Visitor at DSK Vishwarang

It’s amazing to see such creativity, it’s good. DSK should do all these events frequently.

Ms. Deepika Kumar
DSK Vishwarang

Appreciation by Ms. Kshitija Ranpise, Visitor at DSK Vishwarang

Excellent Exhibition, very very nice drawing & photography. Arrange such exhibitions again and again…

Ms. Kshitija Ranpise
DSK Vishwarang

Dear Sanjay,

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me last week. Your staff was very generous and I learned a great deal about DSK and its vision for better, greener homes. I look forward to keeping in touch with you as the Eco- housing project moves forward. All the best, Kevin Sullivan Fulbright Scholar, Centre for Research on Sustainable Building Science, The Energy and Resources Institute TERI

Kevin Sullivan
Fulbright Scholar,
Centre for Research on Sustainable Building Science,
The Energy and Resources Institute

Appreciation by CAPT N N JAIN, Asst General Manager, Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd.

Respected DSK Sir,

This is only to show our appreciation for making us feel special and important last Sunday. This was the first ever Bhoomi Pujan our family had taken part and we will cherish this memory throughout our life. You spoke from the bottom of your heart – I can say this with confidence because your words not only reached my heart but touched the hearts of others present as well. It was a function well organized for which my family congratulates your staff. You were all present there, right from the CMD to the security men, from your marketing team to the demolition squad, from project manager to workers and so on… You have really treated the function like the ‘Sagai’ of your daughter. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to ALL your staff as well because they treated the ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ as their personal function. You all put your blood, sweat, tears and smiles into it …and it showed.

Thanks once again.

Asst. General Manager.
The Great Eastern Shipping Company Ltd

Appreciation by Mr.Ravindra Wagh.

Nisarg ani aaple DSK Vishwa,
Aagamanas VARUN rajache
PAWAN ne saath dili BHASKAR
Disenasa zhala
Hirvaee VASUDHA nesali
Dhagat CHANDRAMA lapla
D.S.K Vishwachya
SAPT SURat nisarg samavla

A poem based on names of buildings & proposed projects in DSK Vishwa.

A poem dedicated to all those who made my “dream home come true” by Ravindra Wagh, Pawan, DSK Vishwa

Mr. Ravindra Wagh
DSK Vishwa

Appreciation by Mr.Sanjay K. Kurmude, residing in Muscat – Oman.


My name is Sanjay K Kurmude, presently working in Muscat – Oman and planning for my own “Home Sweet Home” and for me the first choice is “DSK”. Many of our relatives had taken flats in your various schemes and they are happy with your services. This is what a NRI will look for as he comes for a short visit to India and expect things to move in a planned way and smooth due to shortage of time.

Mr. Sanjay K Kurmude

Appreciation by Mr. Ajit Kulkarni, Who is residing U.S.A. and is one of the satisfied flat holders at DSK VISHWA.

Thank You.

It’s always nice doing business with DSK. I appreciate the honesty and openness, sometimes hard to find these days.

Thanking you
Mr. Ajit Kulkarni

Appreciation by Mr S.B. Deshmukh, Chief Engineer, MSEB in a Seminar by EREDA at Hotel Arora Towers Pune

DSK group is only developers group in Pune which has installed solar and recycle waste water treatment in residential projects. None of the developers have thought about it till now.

Mr. S.B. Deshmukh Chief Engineer MSEB

It was our pleasure and a unique experience yesterday to attend the possession ceremony at Akashganga site. We had heard about the tradition from your staff. Realized that it really adds pleasure and makes it memorable.

Tom Peters, the famous management Guru, rates the customer satisfaction pyramid hierarchy as follows:

  • Experience
  • Services
  • Raw goods

Aspects at the bottom of the pyramid are essential foundations. However, the aspects at the top of the pyramid have the maximum effect! This is the same reason why people (including me) fly Singapore Airlines though it is expensive compared to others.

The whole experience I had during the execution of Akashganga project strengthens the theory. I would list strengths of DSKDL as follows (in the order of importance – it is hard to give lower importance to one aspect over the other):

  • Upfront dealing – no hidden surprises
  • Reliability – quality and timeliness
  • Efficiency of the staff
  • Courtesy of the staff
  • Attention to the details
  • Quality processes (recording of the extra work and follow-up from the planning to the lowest level of execution)
  • Feedback mechanism

Your company may cherish with proud other strengths; these are my findings as a customer. I wish the company continues to consistently deliver on these and keep on only improving. They need earnest believer (in values) like DSK himself.

“Thoughtful” — that is how we can describe in one word the whole experience of buying flat in a DSK project! I appreciate the efforts DSK took in explaining the nuances of the ceramic tiles, potential cracks that develop in the wall plasters and TDR related dealings. Finally, thanks for seeing to it that my car park becomes accessible.

All the best to DSK family!